Olet’te was born from a vision to craft ultra premium vineyard designate wines of excellence. By remaining small we are able to focus on the subtle nuances of each vine and barrel. The Olet’te wines are sustainably farmed, hand harvested and basket pressed. Our goal is to produce varietals from the most highly sought after vineyards in the world. Our inaugural 2011 Olet’te Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir was from the Terra De Promissio vineyard on the Sonoma Coast. We discovered this premier Pinot Noir Vineyard through our friend Karen Cakebread. Terra De Promissio is one of the most exclusive Pinot Noir vineyards on the Sonoma Coast with top Pinot Noir producers in the world that include Kosta Browne, Kistler and Sojourn. The Wine Spectator picked Kosta Brown’s 2009 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir from Terra De Promissio as the #1 Wine of the Year essentially making it the best Pinot Noir Jim Laube had reviewed in 2011. We were thrilled and blessed to  launch our exclusive wine brand with such a prestigious wine. With great success from our first vintage and our passion to produce only the best Pinot Noir we were excited to expand production in 2012 to include a Russian River Pinot Noir.  We look forward to continuing to introduce new appellations and vineyards for your enjoyment.

Alan Viader

Born in Argentina, and growing up in the Napa Valley since childhood, Alan has been exposed to every aspect of the wine business. Being the son of a winemaker led to his early education in wine tasting and wine evaluation. This sparked his respect for terroir-driven wines and for the many diverse viticultural practices done all around the world. Alan has always loved the wine business and knew right away that it was his calling. He visited his first French cooperage and oak forests at the age of 12. His passion for wine continued to grow as he spent his childhood working up and down the hillside vineyards and in the cellar at VIADER. Following in his mother's footsteps, Alan formally pursued his interest in viticulture with a hands-on program in Sonoma County with a focus on winemaking. He looks back fondly on his pruning classes where the instructor personally took him aside and asked him to help teach a group of students. As an adult he has visited the famous wine regions in Argentina, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and extensively throughout California's wine country.


About the name & our biggest secret

​​Where’d ya get that name OLET’TE?
According to Coastal Miwok mythology, Coyote "Olet'te" was thought as the creator and supreme Chief forming the Coastal Gaps from the Sea and its first known inhabitants. Today this area is home to some of the finest Pinot Noir grapes in California. This areas is defined by the wind gap formed at the opening of the coastal range heading east from the pacific ocean.

 It’s all been a Lie!
Owners James and Jenny Lynn live in wine country and always knew they wanted to focus on Pinot from the Sonoma Coast area. When Jenny  Lynn heard the Miwok Mythology about Coyote Olet’te, she knew immediately that was going to be the name of the winery.  Jenny grew up in the central valley with her Dad telling her stories about her Great-Grandmother Feather who was a Miwok Indian princess.  Jenny went through her entire life telling people about her royal heritage within the Miwok Indian Tribe.  One night way up in the mountains Jenny and her dad Jack sat around drinking Olet’te. She explained why she had named the winery after her royal heritage and “Grandmother Feather.”  Her Dad turned to her after several glasses of wine with wide eyes and said “Hunny, you didn’t believe all of that SH*** all of these years did you?”  

So- That is how Olet’te became.  There was no Grandmother Feather or Miwok tribe for Jenny but she has a pretty funny story to tell at wine dinners when people ask her how she came up with the winery name.

Our Story

In 2002, Alan got the oppurtunity to manage the vineyards at VIADER. From there he continued to push the envelope and adopted Organic and Biodynamic viticultural practices in hopes of improving his family's property. Alan's philosophy and approach to viticulture is simply, "the wine is made in the vineyard". He was brought up with a strong focus on wine quality from the start and was heavily influenced in a European winemaking style to allow a wine to express a sense-of-place. His mother continues to teach him many important leasons today and Alan is always eager to learn. Having a strong drive and a hunger to improve his knowledge he continues to take courses at UC Davis looking at recent advances in the wine industry and has worked with many new technologies in vineyards monitoring irrigation and water uses within the vine. He has worked under many expert winemakers throughout his lifetime starting with Tony Soter alongside his mother Delia helping in the winery at the age of 9 years old. In his early 20's Charles Hendricks springboarded his role in the winery and taught him many important lessons in the cellar in regards to blending and fermentation management. Working together with enologist Michel Rolland at VIADER gave him a vast education on wine quality and blending experience. In 2006, Alan started dedicating his time to both vineyard management and winemaking, as the Director of Operations, responsible for the 2005 wines at VIADER. As Delia's right-hand, Alan has the opportunity of overseeing production from start to finish. And having inherited his mother’s passion for winemaking and expressing the TERROIR, Alan is looking forward to many exciting vintages in the wine business. Also in 2006, Alan married his beautiful wife Mariela who is a trained Chef that also owns her own chocolate company. Alan and Mariela have two young boys, Matthew and Jonathan and happily live in the Napa Valley among the vines overlooking the Stags Leap district. Over the years Alan cultivated many strong relationships in the wine business and has since partnered with some close friends in private winemaking projects ranging from Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir to a couple of smaller Napa Valley, single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon-based projects. Alan is an avid adventure seeker and is often found hiking, skiing, camping and off-roading somewhere far out of cell-phone range.